Don’t touch the Wolf

Yesterday was not a very good day for me mentally. This was true on multiple levels, but the only thing I sort of wish I could take back about yesterday was the email I sent to Wolf.

Yesterday morning, after my water bottle opened in my bag and spilled all over my journal, and after a few hours of riveting construction documents, I decided I needed to do something. I’ve recently decided that part of my problem is that I don’t have many things going on outside of work (yet), and I’m afraid of becoming generally lethargic.

The obvious solution to this problem is to get something to do outside of work, yes? Yes. My strategy?

Subject: Random hello and a list!


1. I hope you’re doing well and enjoying being a capital ‘A’ architect.
2. I wonder if being a capital ‘A’ architect actually really changes anything?
3. My new firm has 6 people and a dog. It’s… different.
4. Is summer softball still a thing? I think I need some softball in my life.
Also, this:
Chill, right? It’s me being my quirky self without being flirty, or talking about anything inappropriate (like I used to do ALL THE TIME). And I was legitimately trying to find out the softball schedule! (Okay, like 90% trying to find out the schedule, 10% just trying to remind him that I exist.)
But he didn’t answer.
And I sort of freaked out. Sort of.
THEN later he liked my #tbt post on Instagram. (Yeah, I know, I’m a 12 year old, let’s move on.)  Then I actually freaked out. Like enough to DM him. “Hi! Did you get my email earlier by chance?” And then after a minute of staring at that message, I freaked out further, and clicked “Unsend message” before he could see it. (Thank goodness IG has that option.)
Am I officially crazy yet?

Yes, but here’s why: He responded to my unsent message with “I didn’t even know you could send messages on Instagram.” to which I replied, “Yeah, it’s a thing.” Then, “is softball still a thing?” Then, “Sidenote: I didn’t think you saw my first message because I unsent it. [*straight mouth emoji*]”

Why am I so socially awkward?

Anyway, I made it a rule for myself a few weeks ago to not have any sort of relations with unavailable men. I think that also means friendships. Especially with someone I already have a history with. I should just let him be happy with his stupid really annoyingly cool girlfriend.
Note to self: DON’T TOUCH THE WOLF.