May Goals

I skipped a couple weeks, but I’m here now. Hellloooo.

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It’s May! Honestly, where has the time gone? Why does it move so quickly?? What is the meaning of it all?!

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Anywho, now that that mini-existential crisis is out of the way, on to the main event.


  • I am going to FULLY, REALLY, TRULY, SERIOUSLY get back on my 5am wake up schedule and study grind. I have been majorly slacking, and it’s time I kick my butt back into gear. This morning was a definite struggle, but tomorrow is a new day!giphy-downsized.gif
  • Find a good balance between going out/spending money and staying in/watching Netflix. If I do too much of either, I end up burnt out, or feeling guilty for neglecting my responsibilities. I can achieve this balance by really checking in with myself and assessing both my emotional and financial resources before deciding what to do with my time. Yay mental health and being responsible! happy britney spears yay following woot GIF
  • Follow through on promises I make–to myself and others! This one is pretty self-explanatory. It also goes along with keeping to my study schedule and such.

Those are the big three! When I try to tackle more than that it doesn’t tend to end well. It’s important to set goals and really strive to achieve them, but I believe one must also be aware of one’s own capabilities. I often spread myself too thin, and that typically leads to me half-assing a bunch a things.

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Okay, so it’s more than one thing, but still. You get my point.

Other things that will be going on this month:

  • continuing along my fitness journey (workouts & meal prep)
  • blogging (please love me by continuing to read my posts!)
  • dating (for the record I deleted all my dating apps, but more on that later)
  • my mommy’s birthday!
  • general all purpose adulting

I’m excited for another month! And I’m even more excited that it started on a Monday. It’s just so satisfying. Alrighty, time for me to hit the hay. (What a weird expression for a city girl.)

Until next time!

❤ Severn


September Goals

Hello my lovely readers! Sometimes I strive for things. Here are some of those things for this month. *pleased with self emoji*


  • gain ARE eligibility
    • ARE= Architectural Registration Exam, and I need to become licensed
  • stick to study schedule for ARE tests
    • 5 am wake ups! I’m studying for about 13-15 hours a week, and I do mornings because I typically don’t want to do anything after work.
  • schedule ARE test for mid-October
  • Take more initiative at work
    • I haven’t really figured out what this means yet, but it’s on the list, so I guess I gotta do it.

Personal Development

  • Meatless Wednesdays! Beau is on his way to becoming vegan because he wants to live a healthier lifestyle. I also want to be healthier. Beau and I hang out on Wednesdays (so we don’t go an entire 5 days without seeing each other every week), so this is the perfect excuse for me to make a change to my diet too! (Even if only for one day a week.)
  • Read the bible everyday, even if it’s only one chapter. I have the bible app on my phone, and I get a daily verse, but I think I need to really dive in and let the Word speak to me. I can’t force insight, but the chances of me learning something and becoming closer to God go up the more I seek that knowledge.
  • Read 1 non-fiction (preferably personal-development related) book
  • Work out 3 times a week for at least 45 minutes (dancing and acroyoga count if I can keep my heart rate up).


  • Save 30% of my income. *fantasizes about getting the keys to my own condo*
  • Learn about stocks.
  • Figure out ONE budgeting system that works for me. This will probably require more than just September, but that’s no reason not to really buckle down and start trying stuff right now.
  • Read 21 Days to a Better Budget, free from this website.
  • Learn about stocks!

I think that’s quite the list to tackle, but I’m up for it! The idea of becoming a better, more true-t0-myself me makes me so excited! And Beau motivates me, too, because he wants it for himself as well! It’s nice to have someone who shares the same headspace as me. (Is that a thing? It is now.)

Adulthood is hard, but I’m learning my way around. 🙂

What are your September Goals?

(My) Favorite Shows to Binge Watch

My last few posts have been a little on the serious side, so here is something to break the streak!

*SOME SPOILERS* (but also most of these shows are all hella old and no longer making new episodes, so get with the times y’all.)

1. Friends | Definitely my favorite show of all time. It was my mom’s favorite show as I was growing up, so I used to watch it with her all the time. Watching it again (and again and again) as an adult just made me love it even more! It’s hilarious, relatable (mostly), and has the perfect amount of drama. The short episodes make it the perfect show to fill the gaps between classes, while cooking, or on a short commute. Sidenote: I bawl my eyes out every time I watch the last episode even though I’ve seen it a million times.

2. Gilmore Girls | I absolutely love this show for so many reasons. It’s definitely a very close second behind Friends for my favorite. Aside from the brilliant script, acting, and set, I appreciate GG so much because my mother and I ARE the Gilmore Girls. I feel like a lot of mother-daughter pairs say that, but I’m serious. There are eerie parallels in the story lines of Lorelai and Rory and Mommy and me. (Though I must admit, for the record, when I was younger my mom was convinced we were them, but I disagreed. I agree now, but that’s also because it’s actually true now!) Sidenote: I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE REBOOT!

3. One Tree Hill | It’s just so deliciously dramatic. The viewer totally gets sucked into the story lines of each character, even after Luke and Peyton peace out. There’s drama, comedy, suspense, nudity. (Wait, is there nudity? It was on the WB/CW, so probably not.) Plus, who doesn’t want to watch Nathan and Haley fall in love and stay that way? I’m holding out for my Nathan.

4. House | I learned so many medical terms from this show. I was actually able to use one of them once, though for the life of me I don’t remember which one it was. House is yet another drama, but Hugh’s dry, sarcastic wit is literally my favorite type of humor. And I really enjoy that he’s such an asshole, because quite frankly, I am often an asshole, so I can relate. Also, the format of having a new case each episode keeps the viewer interested.

5. Family Guy | So bad it’s good. I personally find Family Guy to be hilarious, and I love watching it. Yet another good way to kill time, and I never feel bad about falling asleep and missing episodes because it’s just Family Guy, haha. Sidenote/Fun Fact: Family Guy has made fun of at least three of the above shows. And even though I love all these shows, they were pretty accurate critiques, haha. Links: OTH House (I can’t find a video of the GG scene, but basically they talk a mile a minute and down some coffee.)

‘Tis all for now, lovelies. I’ll be back tomorrow.

❤ Severn


I have always struggled with procrastination, but it was especially bad at the peak of my depression (valley of my depression?). You know, because of literally not having the energy or will to do anything?

During that time, my mother shared with me a revelation she’d had: there is Motivation, and there is Discipline. People are rarely genuinely intrinsically (that was a lot of -ly’s) motivated, but discipline is a skill, a habit. It is something you can teach yourself to have, and then you don’t have to worry about not having the motivation to [insert activity here].


When you learn to be disciplined, your friends will say this.

After my mom told me this, I didn’t miraculously become the most disciplined person ever, or anything. My eyes were just opened to a new perspective, and for a while, it was actually a little easier to get myself to do things. It didn’t last super long, but still. I knew I was capable of getting my life together when I really needed to.

Now that my depression isn’t as strong as it once was, I try to be disciplined about more things than just my homework. For the past couple weeks, I’ve settled into a workout routine again, I’ve done chores around the house, I call relatives I don’t actually want to talk to. I’m basically living my life so that I won’t have to feel guilty about my choices, or like I’m doing everything wrong. And sometimes? I even have a tiny bit of actual motivation when I’m getting ready to do things!

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The precise amount

The thing is, there is no quick trick to getting over procrastination/lack of willingness to do anything. Well, not in my experience at least. The most I’ve ever been able to do is rearrange my thinking just enough to coax myself into productivity. Also, it’s the little things that make me feel successful, like flossing, and taking my vitamins. And that successful feeling is the fuel for the little spurts of motivation I get. So yay mundane life tasks!

Alright, I must be productive and study for my test, now. Until next time!

❤ Severn