Welcome to Severn Goddess! Long story short: I was depressed, but now I’m pretty much over it. This blog started as a post-depression thing with posts about when I was depressed, my therapy sessions, and the positive things in my life. Those sorts of posts won’t go away, but from here on out I will focus on my journey to becoming a goddess. What does that entail?

Becoming a Goddess:

  • Living the life I want to live – seeing people I want to see, doing things with my time that contribute to my happiness, fitness, and overall well-being
  • Giving to others – donating clothes, money, time; volunteering as often as I can
  • Loving God and trying my best to live a life that glorifies him
  • Creating architecture, art, blog posts, and anything else that can bring meaning to others

So that’s what I’m writing about. Take a look around, explore my mind through my words. I welcome feedback on everything–I love to hear from you all! Enjoy

❤ Severn

*Note: I change the name of every person I mention on this blog*


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