How I’m Achieving My Goals

The number 1 way I’m keeping my sanity while actively making progress on my goals:

I’m lowering my standards.

I know, I know. “Lower your standards” is not advice one would typically expect to find in an article about achieving goals, but here I am. Saying it.

Two of my goals are getting my architecture license and living a healthy lifestyle. The actual work of studying, working out, eating healthy food takes huge amounts of time and effort. It isn’t realistic to give each activity the time I’d like to. Add in those days I feel like doing nothing, and reaching any finish line seems impossible.

It’s taken me years, but I’ve realized that temporary sacrifices can and should be made for greater future gain. For example, every workout doesn’t have to be at least 6o minutes, done at the gym, or 4 times a week. Yes, I want to be #thicc, but I want to be licensed more. For the next 3-4 months, as long as I get some movement in my life, I’ll be fine. That means settling for 15-minute Nike Training Club sessions, or a 30-minute yoga video on YouTube is okay!

I burned out after my first two exams because studying was the only thing I did. I thought I had to eliminate everything that wasn’t “the goal” to reach the goal. Granted, that worked for a little while, and I passed those two tests, but what a shitty thing: to feel guilt anytime I did anything other than study.

Recently, I’ve tried to “do it all” in the name of balance. Progress made with this method: minimal. I needed a compromise and here it is. I’ve given myself permission to temporarily lower my standards.

Let’s see how this goes!


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