I’m Back

I’ve been gone for forever, but I’m trying to get back in the game. I don’t have WiFi at home (yet), but no excuses. I’ve been attempting to get my life together before I start work next week, and honestly it’s been tiring, but great.

Graduation was two weeks ago. Yay me!

giphy (3)

It was surreal, it was wonderful, it was annoying that I didn’t have my normal phone to take the million pictures the occasion warranted. There is evidence, though, it definitely happened. Also my degree is huge (I’d post a picture, but that would mess with my anonymity).

I have spent the past two weeks completely redoing my room. Since I’ll be living with my mom for the next year, or so, I thought I would update my bedroom, liven it up a bit. It’s been pretty bare the last five years, bare and simultaneously messy, but now it is exactly the haven it’s supposed to be.

giphy (4).gif

Aside from my room renovations, a lot of time was put into the graduation party my mom threw me. Such a lovely party! My mom and I hand made the party favors: individual cotton candy bags, and bags of Swedish Fish (because we always say “I love you more than a million Swedish Fish”). Not only did I get lots of money, but I felt so… loved. Everyone there was genuinely proud of me, interested in the next steps of my life, and happy that I am happy.

giphy (5).gif

No, really, I’m super happy! That’s just my face. 

And finally, my general adult life. Like I said, I start work next week, and I’m so excited! And extremely nervous. “But Severn, you just graduated from one of the best universities in the nation, you’ll be fine!”

giphy (6)

Yeah, I don’t care. I know architecture school is great and all, but I don’t believe it does a very good job at preparing us for the real world. So I’m nervous, and it’s probably really normal, but it doesn’t make me feel good. I’m honestly just hoping I don’t screw up. I’m sure I won’t screw up… I just have to be confident.

Okay, I’m gonna go now, but I hope to be back soon! Wish me luck my first day?

❤ Severn


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