23 Revelations I’ve Had by 23

In no particular order, here are some things I’ve learned over the years. I’ve still got lots of life to live and lessons to learn, so I’ll probably do another one of these in a couple years (when I’m having my quarter life crisis!).

  1. Having a clean room/apartment/space really does help me be less stressed out and overwhelmed. (Something I used to think was total BS.)
  2. Going to church makes me feel better about myself and my life.
  3. My mother is literally one of the most important people in my life (if not THE most important) and I am so lucky to have her.
  4. Hating people doesn’t make them want to change, so it’s energy wasted.
  5. Sex is fun and all, but I actually want to wait to fall in love before I do it with someone again.
  6. Therapy is a Godsend.
  7. Excessive amounts of alcohol should be avoided, if not because alcoholism runs on all sides of my family, then because it makes me slutty.
  8. It is okay to look for happiness in others as long as I don’t SOLELY rely on them for that happiness.
  9. Not everyone has a support system in their lives, treat them as such.
  10. It’s actually really easy to not spend money when you focus on that as a specific goal (aside from bills and such).
  11. I don’t need to check my phone every three minutes. (I mean, I do it anyway, but I know I don’t have to.)
  12. My birthday is as much about my parents as it is about me.
  13. Excessive amounts of nostalgia prevent growth and character development.
  14. Every relationship (romantic or otherwise) has the potential to teach me something.
  15. I have to remember that it is okay to let myself feel my feelings even if I think they make me weak. (They don’t.)
  16. My parents were not adults when they had me, I have to remember that they were growing up at the same time that I was, and forgive them for it.
  17. I want to see the world.
  18. Holding myself accountable (for ANYTHING) feels better than someone else holding me accountable for it.
  19. Flossing is not as annoying as I once thought.
  20. Architecture is not my passion, writing is (though I still love architecture).
  21. My actions matter to people other than myself.
  22. I would be unable to settle down for the rest of my life anywhere but Chicago.
  23. Actively living my life and not succumbing to the weight of my depression feels absolutely amazing.



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