Reasons I Haven’t Blogged (A List!)

  • I was working on a presentation for history of sustainable architecture that was due last week Thursday, and which involved a lot more than I was ready for.
  • Dancer’s Symposium was this past weekend, so I had tech and dress rehearsals, as well as the actual show on Friday and Saturday.
  • My studio final review was today, so when I wasn’t dancing or completing a late assignment, I was finishing drawings of the park and housing complex my partner and I developed (or stressing about it, at least).
  • I got a little really drunk Friday after the show and slept over at Dapper’s.
  • I kept falling asleep whenever I had any bit of free time.
  • I scheduled those Haikus for Tiger, so I thought I could get away with the no blogging thing.
  • Therapy didn’t feel very super insightful for me the other day.
  • I’m a bum.


P.S. Fun fact: If you google “busy woman” a majority of the images involve cooking/childcare, but if you google “busy man” it’s almost all work and money.


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