Ups and (Mostly) Downs

I can’t explain why my emotions are all over the place today, but they are, and it’s exhausting. The worst part is that my day is nowhere near over. I’m running my psych study until 8:30pm, and I have rehearsal from 11pm-12:30am.

giphy (4)

Me, by the end of today.

All I really want to do is go home and go to sleep, but unfortunately, my schedule will not allow it. *cough cough count your blessings, Severn cough*

I have 37 days until graduation. Sounds exciting, right? But I think the low number is actually doing more bad for me than good. Instead of wanting to work hard and push through, I just want it to be done! And the senioritis is bad.

giphy (6)

Literally what I do all day instead of work.


A typical day’s range of emotions are: bleh, happy, guilty, sad, happy, lonely, confused, bleh, does hunger count as an emotion?, happyish.

Today’s range of emotions (so far): bleh, exhaustion, happyish, bleh, anger, rage, bleh, lonely, anger, hunger is counting as an emotion, neutral, guilty, confused, unsure, bleh.

What I’m going to do to make the rest of the day less excruciating:

  • Drink more water (especially when I feel myself becoming less calm)
  • Take deep breaths
  • Think about all the things I’ve done well this week so far
  • Plan for the wonderful life I will lead in the real world post-graduation

Alrighty, I’m gonna go hydrate and deep breathe now.



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