Me, In Some Lists

List of things that are wrong with me right now:

  • I can’t breathe through my nose
  • My head hurts
  • There is a plastic bag of used tissues in my bed
  • I can’t open my eyes fully
  • I’m pining for someone who has a girlfriend
  • My stomach might collapse from how empty it is

List of things that are good with me right now:

  • I’ve gotten to binge watch Gilmore Girls for the past two days
  • I get to order all my food guilt-free (Mommy pities me because I’m sick, so money yay)
  • I have extra time to study for my psych test
  • My graduation date looms ever closer
  • I’ve gone 105 days without alcohol (5 days more than my original goal)

Okay so I can’t think of more than five (barring the typical I have a place to sleep, I woke up this morning, etc (though I am grateful for these things!)).

I’m determined not to let this get me down, though. I have had surprisingly high spirits all week despite my flu. Hopefully I won’t have to keep it up, though. I’m hoping that tomorrow I miraculously wake up healthy. Or at least healthy enough because I have a busy day tomorrow!

List of things I have to do tomorrow:

  • run a psych study
  • study for psych
  • research and write a paper topic statement for the history of sustainable architecture
  • get dressed up and volunteer at a capital ‘b’ Ball for the architecture conference my school is hosting

So yeah, being healthy for all that would be lovely. A pretty girl at a ball is less appealing when her nose is raw and she’s breathing exclusively through her mouth. Also, my contacts are easier to wear when my head isn’t all mucus-y. (I know, sexy, right?)

Alright, back to Gilmore Girls’ing.




  1. Vénus de bronze · April 6, 2016

    I binge watch Gilmore girls too. 👌

    Liked by 1 person

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