Becoming A Goddess

To be honest, I’m still figuring this shit out (this shit being life), BUT I am determined to become a goddess.’s definition:


My definition:


Damn crappy phone photos

Okay, okay, the second and third definitions from the website are fine, too. ANYway…

A list of things I want/need to become the goddess I know I can be:

  • the body of a goddess
  • confidence
  • compassion WITH the determination to actually go out and help others (volunteering yay!)
  • knowledge – about everything would be nice, but I’ll settle for architecture, people, and what’s generally going on in the world
  • passion – in my career, in my love life, in my hobbies
  • self-sufficiency – I will take care of me on all fronts

I can’t think of anything else at the moment, BUT I will keep thinking and may add to this list later. If you can think of anything, comment below! Help me be a badass!

❤ Severn


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